Flowmeter DFM

  • Measuring range 3 up to 250 l/h
  • Large selection of measuring ranges, nominal diameters, also for special media
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications for gaseous media, water, alkalines, acids
  • Direct visualisation of the measured values
  • Accuracy class 4
  • Integrated mounting rail for flow data sensors


• Measured measuring ranges oriented to practice according to DIN
• Mounting length = type designation 165 mm
• Mounting length = type designation 170 mm
• Mounting length = type designation 185 mm
• Mounting length = type designation 200 mm
• Mounting length = type designation 335 mm
• Mounting length = type designation 350 mm
• Accuracy of the measurement according to VDI / VDE 3513
• Materials with reduced moisture absorption increase the stability of the measurement value
• Automation of the process by optional components such as sensor of measured values ​​ZE 3000 or contacts of limit value ZE 950 / ZE 951
• Special scales depending on the characteristic of the fluid


• Construction of chemical facilities
• Water treatment

Measurement measurement principle
• The fluid – water, air, liquid or gaseous chemicals – circulates through the vertical flow meter from bottom to top. Due to the forces of the current, the float rises free of friction and indicates with its upper reading edge (larger diameter) directly the volume of flow in the scale of the measuring tube.


• The conical measuring tube is equipped in series with a measuring range scale in l / h for water of 20 ° C. The tube has external dovetail strips with two displacement setpoint indicators for optical marking of the minimum and maximum volume of passage or for the reception of the measured value sensor ZE 3000 or of the limit value contacts ZE 950, ZE 951 .
• The float, in PVDF series, as well as the float receiver are located on the measuring tube.

Range measuring range

• See measurement range table


• Liquid or gaseous fluids that are neutral or aggressive, technically pure, if the components of the valves that contact the fluids are resistant to the operating temperature according to the Divatec resistance list!
• For gaseous fluids, no PVC measuring tube should be used.