Level switch DVNI

• Signal by fluid pressure
• Up to 4 levels
• 5 meters high
• PVC or PP materials with flange support
• EPDM or FPM seals
• EPDM or FPM signal
• 30mA / 24VDC signal
• Reliable pressure determination for non-pressurised containers.
• Diaphragm pressure switch w/o fluid contact.
• Up to four user-definable switching points 150 – 4.000 mm.
• Vent holes to be positioned 100mm below the switching points.
• Hydrostatic level determination.
• IP 65.

• From 1 to 4 switching points
• Membrane pressure switch without fluid contact
• Air pressure transmission
• Low switching pressure
• Materials resistant to corrosion
• Automation of the process, p. ex. as an optical or acoustic signal

• Construction of chemical facilities
• Construction of industrial facilities

• Used to monitor fluid levels in pressureless containers or open pits
• As a marker in case a fixed fill level is not reached or exceeded

• The NIS is not authorized as an overfill protection device in accordance with §19 WHG (German Water Law)!
• Due to the air absorption capacity of most liquids, the immersion tubes must be aerated at certain time intervals to avoid displacement of the switching positions.

• The NIS level switch has between 1 and 4 membrane pressure switches and the same number of immersion tubes connected. If the liquid level increases, the air in the dip tubes is compressed. If the pressure increases by a maximum of 10 mbar (difference in the level of 100 mm H2O), a jump switch is operated through the membrane. If the level drops by a maximum of 50 mm, the air in the immersion tube is eliminated and the commutation takes place.

• Neutral media free of solids and aggressive liquid media if the valve components that contact the media are resistant to the operating temperature according to the Divatec resistance list.