Limit level sensor, conductive DVCF

• Level for conductive fluids
• PN2
• From 100 mm to 1000 height
• EPDM gaskets
• Signal of 30 VDC 1 or 2 relays //
• 2 points regulation 1 relay of 8/250 VAC
• These probes are used for level detection or for 2-point regulation in conductive fluids of electricity.
• Compact design with integrated relay
• For conductive media
• 2 or 3 electrode rods made of 1.4571 stainless steel for 1 or 2 filling levels
• Simple installation by G 1˝ housing thread or DN 25 tube clamp
• Operation voltage 24 VDC / casing head IP 67

• Level sensor with 2 probes as a minimum or maximum level indicator.
• Level sensor with 3 probes as a 2-point controller.
• These probes work as sensors using the principle of conductivity; eg The electrical conductivity of the fluid to be controlled is used to determine the limit / fill.
Employment limits
• Conductive sensors are not suitable for fluids containing oil or grease or in which insulating electrical deposits may form.
• They are not suitable for liquids with electrical conductivity.
• They are not suitable for liquids that contain large particles of solid substances.
• They are not suitable for liquids that can attack stainless steel (1.4571).