Pressure and temperature sensor DHFT

• Sensor indicates the flow level of the dam
• With PTFE cable
• 4-20 mA output
• PVC, PP and PVDF materials
• Height up to 5 meters.
• Flexible or compact
Use in accordance with the prescribed
• The level and temperature sensor (DHFT type) is a pressure transducer to measure the level. In addition, the sensor determines the temperature in the medium.
• This product corresponds to the following directives: EN 61326-1: 2006; EN 61010-1: 2001.
• Hydrostatic level control
• Ideal for foaming media
• For up to 5m water column in not-pressurized containers
• Integrated temperature sensor
• Operation voltage 24 VDC / Electronic device IP 67

Application area

• Pressure / temperature fill level sensor and / or fluid temperature control. Available for the installation of the upper part (immersion version) or below, for example, through a T-piece in an exhaust pipe near the earth plate of the tank (compact variant). Extensive handling and indication possibilities with relay or signal output from 0/4 to 20 mA.
• It has been designed to make measurements in open tanks, tanks and containers.
• This product may be exposed to the temperatures and pressures indicated under the “Technical Data”.

Functional description

• The sensor unit consists of a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and is the combination of mechanical elements, sensors and an electronic circuit on a chip.
• The hydrostatic pressure of the medium or the pressure of the process is determined by the piezoresistive silicon chip. This system is additionally equipped with a temperature sensor.
• The values ​​become the connection head (AK). The output values ​​can be displayed through the LC screen or taken through the corresponding outputs. 2 current outputs (one for level or pressure and one for temperature) or 4 programmable relay outputs (for level or pressure and temperature) are available.


• The level and temperature sensor (DHFT type) can be operated and adjusted in different ways.

• with display and control unit (DHFT Display) or Potentiometer
Relay version
• with display and control unit (DHFT Screen)
The display and control unit (DHFT Display) is not necessary for permanent operation, but it can also be permanently connected in order to read the measured values ​​in place if the transparent cover is used.
With this optional unit several sensors can be adjusted. The entered parameters are usually stored in the corresponding sensor. A function of copying all parameters makes it possible to load and store the parameters in the display and control module (DHFT Display).