Pressure and temperature sensor PTM

• PVC, PP, PVDF materials
• 4-20mA output or 4 relays 1 Micro USB
• Height up to 0-10 bar
• 18-30V DC voltage
• Compact or flexible cable
• Operation voltage 24 VDC / casing head IP 67

• Compact pressure- / temperature sensor
• Ideal for pump monitoring and process control
• Pressure range up to 10 bar
• Available in 2 designs: standard PTM (compact version) and PTM Flex (remote sensor version with cable)

• The PTM is a protection system against dry running for pumps. In addition to the pressure, the sensor determines the temperature in the medium.

• Pressure transmitter for the determination of pressure and temperature, assembly in pipes. Extensive options for operation and indication with relay or signal output from 0/4 to 20 mA.
• It has been designed as a protection device against dry running for pumps.
• Available for neutral and aggressive liquids, if the parts in contact of the sensor are resistant to the medium according to the Divatec chemical resistances table.
• Not indicated for media that attack the Nano-coating (crystal).

• The sensor unit consists of a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and is the combination of mechanical elements, sensors and an electronic circuit on a chip.
• The process pressure is determined by the piezoresistive silicon chip. This system is additionally equipped with a temperature sensor. The values ​​are converted into the connection head (AK).
• The output values ​​can be displayed through the LC display or taken through the corresponding outputs.
• 2 signal outputs available (one for pressure and one for temperature) or 4 programmable relay outputs (for pressure and temperature).