Readout transmitter DV3075

Readout transmitter DV3000

Sensor of measured values ​​DV 3075.
Reed chain

Product description

The DV 3075 measured value sensor serves as a measurement transducer for Divatec DFM 165 to DFM 200 flow meters and is mounted on the dovetail guide.
The output signal from 4 to 20 mA is proportional to the height of the magnetic float.

Functional description

The measured value sensor DV 3075 supplies a 4 to 20 mA signal generated by the height of the float in the flow meter (DFM).
The unit consists of a Reed chain, the corresponding valuation and transduction.
The floats of the flow meters have a permanent magnet.
The flow of the medium causes the float to pass through the Reed chain.
The contacts of the Reed chain are operated depending on the height of the float.
The measured values ​​are output as a current signal from 4 to 20 mA. This signal can be processed directly.

The control is carried out through the magnet on the float of the Divatec flowmeter.

Fitting sense

Vertical mounting, the Divatec logo facing up.

Connection cable

The equipment is connected with a usual cable without shielding. If electromagnetic interpolations are expected above the verification values ​​of EN 61326 for industrial areas, an armored cable should be used.


Two-wire technique
• Analog output 4 … 20 mA
• Input 8 … 28 V DC
• Individual, programming adapted to DFM
• Calibration of 11 positions
• Non-volatile storage of values
• Pushbutton 0 to compensate for magnetic environmental influences
• Factory adjustable inertia (low-pass filter) 0.1 … 2.5 s according to customer’s specification
• Accuracy of measurement better than 0.5% measurement accuracy less than 5%


The DV 3000 supplies a standard industry signal of 4 to 20 mA that is generated by an accurate magnetic angle recording of the magnetic float in DFM. With the DV 3000, existing flowmeters (with magnetic floats) can be easily retrofitted to electrically signal the flow and, for example, to be processed in a PLC in order to execute a process control or to represent the flows directly on a screen. Divatec programs this device controlled by a microprocessor for the corresponding DFM.
This guarantees an accurate measurement and evaluation of the flow.

Before you know in which DFM the DV 3000 is mounted.
• The denomination of the fluid is in the corresponding scale. If not stated otherwise, the percentage scale is based on H2O, 20 ° C.